Union Square to Host Homeless Youth Rally

Tonight, the Ali Forney Center and its supporters will rally in Union Square to raise awareness for LGBT homeless youth. The center, which provides “housing, meals, counseling, and primary medical care” for New York’s LGBT displaced young people, announced plans to expand its community outreach despite the city’s move to slash their funding in half. The Center writes:

“On October 24th the LGBT community will come together and rally to support our most vulnerable youth and demand that every homeless youth in NYC be provided safe shelter. We will come together to affirm the basic human value of our youth and to assert that they should not be thrown out of their homes, nor should they be left on the streets without shelter. We want our elected officials to hear loud and clear that we are a community that will seek to protect our teens.”

On any given night over 4000 young people are left homeless, many due to rejection from their families and other shelters for being LGBT. The Ali Forney Center hopes that rallies like the one taking place tonight will draw attention to this fact and will ultimately advocate for funding for the Center and the problem at large.

Already, almost 800 people have pledged to attend the rally on Facebook. Please join the Ali Forney Center in support of our homeless youth from 6-8PM in Union Square Park. Everyone deserves a safe shelter; help raise awareness tonight.