Truth In Advertising's truly transphobic ad

Truth in Advertising is a consumer advocacy organization. Much of their work is fact-checking claims made in advertisements and labels about products. However, a recent commercial as a part of the organization's "The Truth's Not Always Easy" campaign used exploitative and untrue transgender stereotypes.

Zack Ford of ThinkProgress writes:

The ad features various individuals honestly sharing what they’re thinking, admitting guilt for their rude thoughts, offensive actions, and crimes. Among the people portrayed is a woman with a deep voice who tells her imminent sexual partner, “You should know I’m a man before this goes too far.”

Bonnie Patten, executive director for Truth in Advertising, responded to a ThinkProgress inquiry about the ad, apologizing for the offense and committing to reviewing the ad:

While we attempted to use humor in our ad to engage consumers on the serious issue of misleading marketing, it was truly not our intention to negatively portray a transgender person. We sincerely apologize and are reviewing it now.

Read the full story at ThinkProgress.

As of this writing, the video is available on the web. 



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