For trans youth, YouTube provides community and connections

Transgender teens and and young adults find a lifeline in watching and sharing videos on YouTube, the LA Times reported. Hearing young people around the world who are trans share their stories provides advice, comfort, and social connectedness---all of which are vital, particularly to young members of the LGBT community.

For some, like Kat Blaque, YouTube provides an empowering safe space when the world offline can be less inviting:


During college, Kat gabbed regularly on YouTube about crushes, taking estrogen and retooling men's clothes to suit women, even as she fretted about classmates finding out she was transgender. In the years since, the 23-year-old has told some of her friends but still worries about employers finding out. Slurs in the YouTube comments needle her.


Despite such worries, Kat said she keeps vlogging because she wants to show women like her — particularly black trans women — that an ordinary life is possible. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people have tuned in to see her recount her "worst night ever" in Hollywood, share her whimsical illustrations and banter on camera with her boyfriend.


You can read the full story, and more trans teens' and young adults' experiences, here.