Trans People Speak: Noah Lewis

Over the past week, GLAAD has been commemorating Transgender Awareness Week by sharing stories that highlight the resilience and the achievements of transgender Americans, like Noah Alvarez, Rev. Jay Wilson, and Gretta Estrada.

As a result of our work to amplify the voices of the trans community, both mainstream and LGBT media are paying closer attention to the continued challenges trans people face when trying to participate fully in their communities.

In his video, Noah Lewis, an attorney at the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF), discusses when he first realized the possibility of transitioning at age 27, as part of GLAAD and Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition’s (MTPC) online video project “I AM: Trans People Speak”. Watch as Noah shares his eye-opening journey of self-acceptance. He also talks about his experience being a both transgender and a lawyer and how that allows him to effectively articulate the medical necessity of the transition process in the courtroom.

Watch as Noah shares his moving story.

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