#ThisIsLuv campaign highlights LGBT love and support in Black communities and families

February 17, 2015

GLAAD is proud to team up with You Belong Co-Founders, former NFL player Wade Davis and writer Darnell L. Moore along with the National Black Justice Coalition, Politini Media, Feministing.com, HRC Foundation (HRCF) and EBONY.com to launch “This Is Luv” (#ThisIsLuv), a multi-media campaign highlighting affirming LGBT love in Black communities and families.

This campaign offers a counter-narrative to the prevalent idea that the African-American community is generally homophobic. Celebrities, writers, and advocates will share photos and video blogs about the supportive and caring relationships that have transcended sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Too many people within the Black LGBT community believe this myth and never allow themselves to be loved by their families,” says Wade Davis. “Our goal is make it known that love for Black LGBT people exists in our community.”

Advocates are increasingly becoming aware of the intersecting identities of being African-American and LGBGT as a focal point for discourse and healing.  A part of that process is intentionally documenting and celebrating loving relationships in Black families to deliberate push back against an inaccurate and harmful generation.

“I, along with countless other Black LGBT people, have an amazing support system in my family. Their voices are constantly drowned out by the pervading idea that there is no room for Black LGBT people within our own communities,” says Tiq Milan. This February as we celebrate love and Black History Month, this campaign is a much needed recognition and examination of where love and Black LGBT identity intersect.”

The campaign will launch on February 16th and continue throughout the month of February.

To see the portraits and testimonials go to http://thisisluvproject.tumblr.com/

You can also post your pic of affirming love for Black LGBT people by their allies by using the hashtag #thisisluv and #blacklovematters.