Texas school reject 3-year-old because of his two moms

New Beginnings Montessori School in Bedford, Texas rejected admission to a 3-year-old because he has two moms.

Dawn and Tracy Kelly wanted to enroll their son, Landry, at the school, and it seemed that the school was fine with having them as well. While touring the school, Dawn asked if it was all right that their son had two mothers. The teacher giving the tour said that it was no problem. An hour after they visited the school they received a call from the school's director, Shamain Webster. Towleroad reports she told them:

"We are not going be able to enroll Landry in our school because it’s against my religion, and we don’t live that way."

Because they are a private school in Texas, New Beginnings has the legal right to refuse enrollment based on religion and anti-gay bigotry.

When contacted Shamain Webster confirmed what she had told Dawn and Tracy, but said that the owner of the school, her father, wanted to allow them to apply. The couple however will be looking elsewhere.

This is not the first time that a Bedford school has rejected a child with same sex parents. In 2010, St. Vincent's Cathedral school turned away a 4-year-old because of her two mothers.