Take A Photo with Allie the Ally and Show Support for LGBT Youth

A Silver Spring, Maryland, Gay-Straight Alliance group named Allies 4 Equality has launched a campaign to show support for LGBT youth. The idea is simple:

  1. Print out a copy of Allie the Ally and fold front-to-back like a paper doll.
  2. Take a picture or a video with Allie the Ally.
  3. Include a message of support for LGBT youth.
  4. Submit at http://allietheally.tumblr.com/submit.

Think outside the box. Entries can be supportive, fun, creative, and global! The Allies 4 Equality group writes:

“Your message could comment on why LGBTQ rights and awareness is important to you, and/or something you would like to tell youth that may be struggling with their sexuality or acceptance. Our goal for this project is to spread awareness of LGBTQ issues, and to give hope to LGBTQ youth that maybe be struggling with acceptance, from others or themselves. We hope to post pictures and messages from people and groups from all over the world to demonstrate the level of support that is available for LGBTQ youth.  If you prefer, you can create a video with your message instead of writing it out.”

Here’s a photo from the Walt Whitman GSA in Maryland:

One person took Allie the Ally to the Universal Studios and snagged some photos on the sets of Desperate Housewives, Jaws, and Back to the future!

Allie goes Back to the Future

Allie goes for a ride down Wisteria Lane

Allie on the set of “Jaws”

Check out this picture of Allie with the GLAAD staff:

The GLAAD staff is proud to support the Allie the Ally program and lend our voice to support LGBT youth. Please take a moment and amplify your own voice by participating in the Allie the Ally program. You can follow Allie the Ally and see where she goes through Facebook and on Tumblr.