TAKE ACTION: Help support Leah and her two moms

Mothers Mandy and Lisa were overjoyed to welcome their daughter Leah into the world last May. However, their bliss was soon infused with concern, as Leah was born two months prematurely and has both down-syndrome and esophageal atresia, which means that her esophagus does not connect to her stomach. As you can read in their blog, they have since been unable to bring their baby home because she requires monitoring until surgery can be performed to address her atresia.

Naturally, Mandy and Lisa have been suffering from anxiety over their daughter's future. In order to raise money and help them stay near the hospital caring for Leah, they have established a gofundme page. This site allows those interested to contribute money to Leah and her mothers' cause. All donations are appreciated and will help these proud parents give their daughter the care and quality of life she deserves.


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