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Survey: LGBTQ youth are more inclined to report sexual harassment


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Research and data collected as part of The Teen Health and Technology online survey has revealed that LGBTQ adolescents were more likely to report being sexually harassed when compared to their straight piers.

"This is really one of the first studies examining the specific rates within sexual minority and gender identify groups... It is also one of the only large samples of transgender youth," Mitchell said. Overall, 23 percent of heterosexual boys and 43 percent of heterosexual girls reported the least amount of sexual harassment, which included being on the receiving end of obscene or sexual comments and being asked to do something sexual. Lesbian or queer girls reported the most with 72 percent reporting sexual harassment during the past year. That compared to 66 percent of gay or queer boys and bisexual girls reporting sexual harassment. When looking at the teens' gender identities, Mitchell and her colleagues found that 81 percent of transgender youth reported sexual harassment. That compared to 69 percent of gender non-conforming teens reporting sexual harassment.

Reuters has more on the survey results. Do you have a story you would like to share? Go to GLAAD and share your story.

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