Submit your kisses TODAY to make #UprisingofLove video trans inclusive

The Wondros agency, working in conjunction with the Arcus Foundation, is producing a mini-documentary of people kissing for the Uprising of Love campaign. These images in the four-minute video will be displayed while Melissa Etheridge's song "Uprising of Love."

While a casting call was held last week, the agency wants the campaign to be transgender inclusive. The search continues and the deadline is today.

Said a representative at Wondros, "You don’t have to be a couple; just get someone to kiss. The film will be on the internet PRIOR to the close of the Olympics February 23rd. We have no representation from the Transgender community as of now. If you’re able, can you please get people to kiss, film it on an iPhone and upload it TODAY?"

Uprising of Love serves "to support the LGBTI community in Russia and foster an atmosphere where Russians feel bolstered to be themselves and speak up for this cause" and "to raise awareness among the international community to continue to build public pressure and vigilance," according to

Here's how you can help:

1. Take 1 portrait style photo of each couple member. 

2. Hold the iPhone or camera horizontally approximately 2 feet away from face. 

3. You’re going to be filming 1 nice kiss on the lips. BEFORE the lips meet, there is an “empty frame.” Then the couple leans into the frame for a kiss on the lips. G-Rated, not a make out session. 

4. Get a nicely composed wide shot showing where the people are kissing. A cool background would be helpful and nice.  

They can upload them to our Hightail account using the following link:

Full instructions are as follows: 

1. Transfer the video file to your computer. Note that if you are using an iPhone, you will need to connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable to transfer the video in the highest resolution; emailing or texting the video will compress the file size.

2. Once you have the video file, open your web browser and navigate to

3. Enter your name and email address, click "Select File" and select your video file, and press "Send It"!

For questions, you can contact producer Kate Roughan at  or through the Wondros office at (323) 951-0010.