Study Produces Poster Campaign Advocating Bi-Awareness

Re:searching for LGBTQ Health published a study in late 2010 examining the effects of discrimination on the bi community. The study, dubbed the Bisexual Mental Health Project, surveyed “55 bisexual people from across Ontario about factors that they felt affected their mental health, both positively and negatively.” Spearheaded by Dr. Laurie Ross, the project was done in an effort to raise awareness about and give a voice to a part of the LGBT community that is often overlooked.  It determined that experiences of prejudice and stigmatization often surround bisexual identity.

In response to the Bisexual Mental Health Project, the Canadian-based organization launched This is Our Community,” a poster campaign aimed at addressing biphobia and advocating for inclusion in the LGBT community. Using the four groups identified as particularly marginalized in the original study (bisexual mothers, trans bisexuals, bisexual people of various races and two-spirited people, and bisexual youth), the campaign offers positive images of bisexual individuals and a tangible reminder of the strength of the bi community.

Perhaps the most powerful image comes in the form of a pregnant woman with the tag line, “This is my community…because I’m bi even though you think I look straight.” Cradling her pregnant stomach, Danielle – the bisexual model used for the poster – wears a white t-shirt with a large ‘B’ across her chest. The poster advocates for the inclusion of bisexual mothers in the LGBT community. “Many people think that only straight women have children. As a result, the authenticity of pregnant or mothering women’s bisexuality is often questioned,” the campaign literature suggests. 

This is just one of the four posters created for the campaign. Each image represents the uniqueness of individual bi identity while advocating for a cohesive community of like-minded people. Ultimately, the campaign aims to remind health care providers and LGBT members at large that these individuals belong in our community. GLAAD supports Re:searching for LGBTQ Health and the work it has done to further bi awareness. Please be sure to check out the posters here.