Story to Watch: Anti-Gay Groups Launch Campaign in Iowa Senate Race

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the activist group “The Family Leader,” and the consulting firm The Concordia Group, have launched a new anti-gay campaign in the 18th District Senate race in Iowa. The ads and flyers put forth by the organizations use anti-gay propaganda to express support for candidate Cindy Golding, whom they claim will protect so-called ‘traditional’ marriage. In addition to the distortions pointed out by the Eastern Iowa newspaper The Gazette, the ads refer to the justices who ruled that the state’s ban on marriage equality was unconstitutional as “rogue judges” and claim that a win by Golding’s opponent, Liz Mathis, will “kill jobs.”

GLAAD is asking our constituents to keep an eye out for more misinformation provided by NOM, The Family Leader, and The Concordia Group, especially if it is incorrectly reported as fact by the media. It is also important that local media coverage of this campaign remains factual, and does not take the hyperbolic claims of anti-gay activists at face value. We ask that our readers notify us of any inaccurate or irresponsible journalism they come across by filling out an incident report while we continue to monitor media coverage of this and similar stories.