Sandra Day O'Connor officiates gay couple's wedding at Supreme Court

Sandra Day O'Connor, 83-year-old retired Court justice, officiated Jeffrey Trammell and Stuart Serkin's wedding at the Supreme Court this week.

Jeffrey and Stuart have been together for 36 years and know Justice O'Connor from William & Mary, where she is Chancellor of the College. This is the second time in history that an LGBT couple has been married in the Supreme Court. The first was officiated by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg this past summer.

Justice O'Connor, a Republican who retired in 2006, is an example of how one's positions can evolve on the subject of LGBT equality. Though she supported the Boy Scouts of America's ban on LGBT parents in leadership roles, she has been in favor of a number of advancements for minority communities, including LGBT people, in recent years. As of this week, it seems she has come out loud and clear for marriage equality.

Signs of support from people as influential as Justice O'Connor are particularly meaningful, as places like Illinois and Hawaii prepare to vote on marriage equality in their states. Currently, 14 states and Washington DC recognize marriage equality for LGBT couples.

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