San Antonio passes non-discrimination protections for LGBT residents

Yesterday, the city of San Antonio, Texas, passed an ordinance to protect LGBT residents from discrimination in city employment and contracts, housing, public office, and public accommodation. The ordinance, which amends sections of the current city code, received a majority vote from the San Antonio City Council of 8 to 3, and the new protections will take effect immediately.

“It has been a long, hard struggle, but we are happy that truth, justice, fairness and equality have prevailed and that San Antonio has joined the 180 other cities across the country who treat their LGBT residents with dignity and respect," said Dan Graney of CAUSA, a coalition of LGBT groups and allies supporting the ordinance.

Despite the majority support for the ordinance, opposition to the new protections received wide media attention leading up to the vote, with particular focus on the anti-LGBT comments of Councilmember Elisa Chan. Mayor Julian Castro, who supported the ordinance, was quick to note that Chan's comments do not represent the views of San Antonians at large.

San Antonio joins Houston, Austen, Dallas and several other cities in Texas with LGBT nondiscrimination laws. GLAAD urges the media to report on this important victory for LGBT San Antonians.