SAG-AFTRA survey finds that out LGBT actors continue to face bias when looking for work

Today at the inaugural SAG-AFTRA National Convention in Los Angeles, the organization released the results of a survey finding that out lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender actors continue to face anti-LGBT bias when looking for work. The survey was conducted by UCLA's Williams Institute and SAG-AFTRA with responses from 5,700 union actors, with about 15% of respondents identifying as LGBT.

Results showed about a third of all respondents felt that directors, casting directors and producers may be discriminating against LGBT performers, while more than half of LGBT respondents reported hearing anti-LGBT commentary while on set.

Almost half of gay and lesbian responders strongly agreed that show producers and studio executives believe it is harder to market LGBT actors, while 27% of bisexual contributors strongly agreed. The vast majority of straight respondents have not portrayed an LGBT character, while most LGBT respondents have played at least one LGBT character.

The entirety of the study's findings are available here.