Russian actor who wanted to burn LGBT people in ovens resigns after outcry

After expressing his desire to shove LGBT people in an oven, Ivan Okhlobystin resigned from his position as a creative director at Euroset. There has been a huge backlash due to his extreme anti-gay statements. As a representative of a major phone retailer in Russia, his comment was highly criticized. Since Euroset carries Apple products, 19 LGBT organizations spoke up about Okhlobystin. On January 5th, the LGBT rights coalition wrote to the CEO of Apple asking him to "set Apple as an example of a corporate citizen who supports basic human rights."

Ivan Okhlobystin remained as anti-LGBT as ever in his resignation. He peppered his resignation statement with several anti-LGBT slurs, according to Gay Star News.

Apple is considered a very LGBT friendly corporation. Its CEO, Tim Cook, spoke for equality during his Life Time Achievement Award Ceremony from Auburn University, his alma mater. In his speech, Cook spoke against discrimination. You can watch his speech below:



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"While every candidate running for President doesn't agree with us on issues of equality and acceptance for all LGBT people, certainly we can all agree that no kid deserves to be bullied or harassed simply for being who they are,"