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BREAKING: Marriage Equality Wins in Maryland

Cause for celebration! Maryland wins marriage equality at the ballot box.

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Today is the day to vote for equality

It would not be an understatement to say that the future of LGBT equality depends on the outcome of this election. From our nationally elected officials, to the local library board, to the state and municipal referenda, this election is important.

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Your vote might determine the future of LGBT equality

Tomorrow, November 6, is Election Day. Unless you have voted early, or sent in your absentee ballot, we need you to vote. Our elected officials determine the future of LGBT equality for years to come, whether it is a local non-discrimination ordinance, a police force that understands the lives of LGBT people, statewide hate crime legislation, or the federal Defense of Marriage Act.Read More

Faith Leads for Marriage Equality

As we get closer to Election Day, and as marriage equality hangs in the balance in Minnesota, Maryland, Maine, and Washington, we turn to voices we trust. More and more pro-LGBT voices of faith are leading the charge to pass marriage referenda, or at least stop the march of discrimination.Read More

New York Times Features Straight Wedding for Marriage Equality

The New York Times profiled a straight Chicago couple whose support for marriage equality was strongly on display during their wedding.

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Every LGBT and Ally Vote Counts - Vote to APPROVE Referendum 74 in Washington

On November 6, Washingtonians will vote approve or reject the February 2012 bill that would legalize marriage equality in the state, known as Referendum 74. GLAAD is working with Washington United for Marriage to urge voters to APPROVE the referendum. If passed, it would make Washington one of the first states to approve marriage equality by a public referendum.Read More

The New York Times misses the facts when presenting 'ex-gay' stories

Profiling people who want their lives to be “proof” that such programs “work,” comes with the responsibility of profiling people who are still working through the harm that has been caused through such programs.

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Every #LGBT and Ally Vote Counts! - Vote NO in Minnesota

On November 6, voters in Minnesota will vote on the following question, “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as marriage in Minnesota?” GLAAD is urging Minnesota residents to vote NO to this harmful and divisive amendment.

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