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GLAAD celebrates LGBT victories across the country

GLAAD is rejoicing for the gains made for LGBT Americans in this election. Wins in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, (almost Washington), LGBT and allied candidates across the country.

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Washington Poised for Marriage Equality

Washington appears to be on track to approve marriage equality to gay and lesbian couples. It looks good, but we aren't ready to bust out the "victory" graphic just yet.

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BREAKING: Minnesota Rejects Anti-Marriage Constitutional Amendment

Finally, after so many losses at state ballot boxes around the country, Minnesota has defeated a discriminatory anti-LGBT constitutional marriage amendment.

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Marriage Equality in Maryland and Maine, President Obama Re-Elected, Tammy Baldwin Elected First Gay U.S. Senator

GLAAD is thrilled with this election's tremendous wins for LGBT Americans. President Barack Obama won re-election after becoming the first acting president to voice support for marriage equality. Voters in Maine and Maryland affirmed marriage for gay and lesbian couples. This is the first time that voters in any state voted in favor of marriage equality. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin also became the first out gay U.S. Senator.

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BREAKING: Marriage Equality Wins in Maryland

Cause for celebration! Maryland wins marriage equality at the ballot box.

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Today is the day to vote for equality

It would not be an understatement to say that the future of LGBT equality depends on the outcome of this election. From our nationally elected officials, to the local library board, to the state and municipal referenda, this election is important.

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Your vote might determine the future of LGBT equality

Tomorrow, November 6, is Election Day. Unless you have voted early, or sent in your absentee ballot, we need you to vote. Our elected officials determine the future of LGBT equality for years to come, whether it is a local non-discrimination ordinance, a police force that understands the lives of LGBT people, statewide hate crime legislation, or the federal Defense of Marriage Act.Read More

Faith Leads for Marriage Equality

As we get closer to Election Day, and as marriage equality hangs in the balance in Minnesota, Maryland, Maine, and Washington, we turn to voices we trust. More and more pro-LGBT voices of faith are leading the charge to pass marriage referenda, or at least stop the march of discrimination.Read More
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