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GLSEN Excluded from Cincinnati St. Patrick's Day Parade

In Cincinnati, the local chapter of GLSEN is being excluded from this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade because it is an LGBT-affiliated organization. "It's an Irish Catholic parade and we don't want any members of the gay and lesbian community to be affiliated."

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Republican Senator Embraces His Son...and Marriage Equality

Republican Ohio Senator, Rob Portman, has done a complete 180 on marriage equality. While he once supported the discriminatory 'Defense of Marriage Act' and a federal marriage amendment, he has now come out in support of marriage equality. What made him change? His son.Read More

LGBT, Argentinian, and Catholic reactions to Pope Francis

The selection of Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina as Pope Francis stirred immediate reactions by LGBT advocates, both within the US and Argentina.

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New Pope elected with record of anti-gay language

The conclave has ended and there is a new pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina. While many people were hoping for a new and different direction related to the Vatican's relationship to LGBT people, it does not seem to be the case.

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How DOMA Hurts the Military

On March 26 the U.S. Supreme Court will consider the discriminatory "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA). DOMA unfairly denies federal protections—like Social Security, veterans’ benefits, health insurance and retirement savings—to committed same-sex couples who are legally married in their own states. But as Outserve - SLDN Executive Director, Allyson Robinson, explained, the harms of DOMA also reach military members and their families.

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Thousands are United for Marriage in advance of Supreme Court Hearings on DOMA and Prop 8

In just two weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider two cases about the freedom to marry. On March 26 & 27, thousands of people will gather in Washington, DC, for a rally outside of the Supreme Court at 8:30am. You can be one of them!

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Catholic support for marriage equality higher than the national average

The average Catholic supports marriage equality more than the average American. That's the story from a recent Quinnipiac poll that showed 54% of Catholics support marriage equality, which is higher than the national average of 47%.

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Roman Catholic bishops oppose Violence Against Women Act because it protects LGBT women

Five key Roman Catholic bishops in the United States have stated their opposition to the newly signed Violence Against Women Act. The reason for their opposition? VAWA states that the law will apply regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

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