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Weekend Challenge: 5 conversations on lifting the Boy Scouts ban at worship

Many places of worship have a coffee hour, or fellowship, or just people hanging out after the services to chat with one another. This is your time to share your belief that the Scouts should be open to all.

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Community responds after anti-LGBT violence in NYC

Several LGBT organizations, city and state leaders, and everyday citizens gathered in Midtown Manhattan today to distribute fliers asking for the public’s help to identify suspects in anti-LGBT attacks last week.

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BREAKING: Minnesota Senate passes marriage equality to become #12

The Minnesota Senate passed marriage equality today! The bill was approved by the house on Friday and will now go to Governor Dayton, who has pledged to sign it. Minnesota now becomes the 12th state to enact marriage equality.

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Happy Mother's Day, GLAAD Moms!

On Mother's Day this year, GLAAD is lifting up some of the exceptional mothers that we have been working with for the past year. They are women who have been dedicated to their family through many obstacles. Post these graphics on Facebook to thank them, and all the mothers who make lives better for LGBT people. Read More

Family of Marco McMillian demands federal hate crime investigation into his murder

Following the release of autopsy results of slain Mississippi mayoral candidate Marco McMillian, his family is demanding a federal investigation. McMillian was an African-American, openly gay candidate in the mayoral race for Clarksdale, Mississippi when his body was found on the Mississippi River levee.

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Author of Tennessee's 'Don't Say Gay' bill honored as 'Education Reformer of the Year'

Educational lobbying organization StudentsFirst named Tennessee State Rep. John Ragan, the co-sponsor of Tennessee's infamous "Don't Say Gay" bill, as "education reformer of the year." The organization also called him a "leading advocate for change."

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Peter Sprigg claims Christians are 'hated minority' and CNN lets him get away with it

The CNN Belief Blog ran a report entitled "When Christians become a 'hated minority'" that gave a platform for falsehoods spread by anti-gay activists, including Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, while claiming the false identity of victim.

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