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Queer Pride Festival opens in Russia amid anti-LGBT climate

The 5th annual International Queer Pride festival Queer Fest 2013 opened on Thursday in St. Petersburg. The opening was a success, despite attempts by the author of St. Petersburg "propaganda" law Vitaly Milonov to foil the event.

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It doesn't end with ENDA: A handy guide to workplace protections

Even while ENDA is waiting for its next move in congress, employment protections are sprouting up elsewhere. Help GLAAD share why employment non-discrimination is so important.

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Pope Francis continues non-judgement of LGBT people. Will the hierarchy follow his lead?

In an interview with a Jesuit reporter, Pope Francis criticized the Roman Catholic hierarchy's focus on persecuting LGBT people.

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Which four states have hurt LGBT military members by denying them spousal benefits?

Four states have denied spousal military benefits to LGBT National Guard service members, in a move that contradicts the Supreme Court's ruling that struck down section 3 of DOMA and a Pentagon directive to treat all military members equally.

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Cher says "no" to endorsing Russia's anti-LGBT laws by attending Sochi Olympics

Super-diva and LGBT ally Cher, has turned down an invitation to attend and sing at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. The singing star cited Russia's anti-LGBT laws and violence against LGBT people as the reason she will not participate.

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Join GLAAD at the ENDA Situation Room today

Tune into Towleroad this afternoon for the first "ENDA Situation Room" in a series to bring together, for the first time, a bipartisan group to publicly discuss the problem of workplace discrimination and the Congressional strategy for the path towards victory.

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Russian LGBT advocates explain what we can do to help

This week, spokespeople from RUSA LGBT, an organization of Russian and Russian-speaking LGBT people living in the United States, have earned several media hits and opportunities to tell their story and tell a US audience what they can do to help. Read More

Private Chelsea Manning's story is a wakeup call for national news coverage of transgender people

Today GLAAD and over 40 organizations call on journalists to improve their coverage of transgender people following Private Chelsea Manning's statement that she is female and using the name Chelsea and female pronouns. The immediate news coverage, as well as the follow up analysis, brought into sharp focus the national news media's frequently inaccurate and uninformed coverage of transgender people.

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