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RUSA LGBT thanks Bjorn Borg for rainbow ad in the Moscow Times

Swedish fashion house Björn Borg has taken out a rainbow underwear ad in Russia's Moscow Times. The ad reminds Russians, "Björn Borg says da!"

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Take action to support transgender professor

H. Adam Ackley, the theology professor at Azusa Pacific University who was asked to resign after announcing that he is transgender, is getting support, both on campus and off campus.Read More

Nebraska won't place foster child with gay couple who has raised 5 kids

GLAAD has worked with Bryant Huddleston, an LGBT adoption advocate, who is quoted at the end of the story.

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Thou shalt not employ a transgender professor? It's not a verse in the bible.

Joy Ladin, who successfully competed a transition while keeping her job at Yeshiva University in New York, writes thoughts about Professor Adam Ackley of Azusa Univ

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Happy LGBT History Month from GLAAD

LGBT History Month is an opportunity to look at the people, places, and moments that helped move the LGBT community forward on its path to acceptance.

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Olson and Boies join lawsuit for marriage equality in Virginia

After successfully arguing against Prop 8 before the Supreme Court, Ted Olson and David Boies are turning to Virginia. 

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UPDATED: Tony Perkins got another job running law enforcement in Louisiana. What could go wrong?

Tony Perkins has an additional feather in his cap: the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement. Perkins was appointed by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to the commission that will train and shape how the police in the state operate, specifically in regard to LGBT people.

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International Olympic Committee sees no need to challenge Russia's anti-gay laws

The International Olympic Committee said Thursday that it had no grounds to challenge a Russian law widely perceived as anti-gay, angering LGBT and human rights activists, who say they will make their case with sponsors and governments taking part

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