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VIDEO: The college student behind the 'God is Gay' poem

Time Magazine profiles Elliott Darrow, whose slam poetry about God and sexuality has gone viral on YouTube.

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Russia Roundup: IOC makes assurances while LGBT visitors get more nervous.

Things are getting more and more complicated for anti-LGBT Russian leaders and the International Olympic Committee ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

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GUEST POST: Looking at the US roots of global LGBT persecution

This Friday, October 11, God Loves Uganda will open the theaters around the United States and Canada. The Oscar award willing director, Roger Ross Williams, shared with GLAAD why he made the film, as well as what action he hopes the film inspires.

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International Olympic Committee member supports adding sexual orientation to Olympic charter

America's newest member of the International Olympic Committee would vote to amend the Olympic charter to list sexual orientation as a form of discrimination.

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RUSA LGBT thanks Bjorn Borg for rainbow ad in the Moscow Times

Swedish fashion house Björn Borg has taken out a rainbow underwear ad in Russia's Moscow Times. The ad reminds Russians, "Björn Borg says da!"

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Take action to support transgender professor

H. Adam Ackley, the theology professor at Azusa Pacific University who was asked to resign after announcing that he is transgender, is getting support, both on campus and off campus.Read More

Nebraska won't place foster child with gay couple who has raised 5 kids

GLAAD has worked with Bryant Huddleston, an LGBT adoption advocate, who is quoted at the end of the story.

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Thou shalt not employ a transgender professor? It's not a verse in the bible.

Joy Ladin, who successfully competed a transition while keeping her job at Yeshiva University in New York, writes thoughts about Professor Adam Ackley of Azusa Univ

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