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Why #SpiritDay is important: Long-term effects of bullying

A new study has demonstrated the long-term effects of bullying and the importance of anti-bullying programs, such as Spirit Day, when millions of people will wear purple to oppose bullying and stand in solidarity with LGBT youth.

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VIDEO: Marcel Neergaard wants you to go purple for #SpiritDay

Marcel Neergaard, the 11 year-old boy who elevated the plight of LGBT bullying in Tennessee, has released a video, encouraging you to go purple for Spirit Day.

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Faith organizations get into the spirit of #SpiritDay

This Thursday, congregations, faith leaders, and religious organizations will join millions of people to go purple for Spirit Day.

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Anti-LGBT violence continues, 15 years after Matthew Shepard

GLAAD's Acting President, Dave Montez, reflects on GLAAD's role on anti-LGBT violence, from Matthew Shepard's murder to today.

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US Olympic Committee adds 'sexual orientation' to non-discrimination policy

The US Olympic Committee revised its non-discrimination policy to include 'sexual orientation.'Read More

VIDEO: Betty Crocker comes out for LGBT families on National Coming Out Day

GLAAD is proud to share some out and proud families from Betty Crocker, a proud supporter of LGBT families. Betty Crocker's new video is part of the Families Project which spotlights diverse families around the country.

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VIDEO: The college student behind the 'God is Gay' poem

Time Magazine profiles Elliott Darrow, whose slam poetry about God and sexuality has gone viral on YouTube.

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Russia Roundup: IOC makes assurances while LGBT visitors get more nervous.

Things are getting more and more complicated for anti-LGBT Russian leaders and the International Olympic Committee ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

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