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Hey, it's not just celebrities going purple for #SpiritDay!

It's really easy during Spirit Day to focus on the celebrities and high profile figures, but the reality is that millions of everyday people are going purple. Here's a post to highlight the everyday folk who stepped out to go purple.

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Landmarks around the country are going purple for #SpiritDay

On Spirit Day, several landmarks turned purple to support LGBT youth and oppose bullying.

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GUEST POST: On #SpiritDay, remember bullied Russian LGBT youth

LGBT bullying exists all over the world. Maria Kozlovskaya of the Russian LGBT Network responding to the United Nations report on the Rights of the Child.

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The Coca-Cola Company supports LGBT youth for #SpiritDay 10/17

The Coca-Cola Company is joining GLAAD for Spirit Day, supporting LGBT youth and taking a stand against bullying!Read More

Marcel Neergaard: Wearing purple can save lives

Spirit Day Ambassador Marcel Neergaard writes in the Huffington Post how important Spirit Day is for him.

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GLAAD's Tiq Milan to The New York Times: trans people are an integral part of the LGBT movement

GLAAD's Tiq Milan responded to the following questions posed by the New York Times, "Does it still make sense to think of trans rights as part of the gay-rights movement? Or at this point, is it a different campaign with different goals?"

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Why #SpiritDay is important: Long-term effects of bullying

A new study has demonstrated the long-term effects of bullying and the importance of anti-bullying programs, such as Spirit Day, when millions of people will wear purple to oppose bullying and stand in solidarity with LGBT youth.

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VIDEO: Marcel Neergaard wants you to go purple for #SpiritDay

Marcel Neergaard, the 11 year-old boy who elevated the plight of LGBT bullying in Tennessee, has released a video, encouraging you to go purple for Spirit Day.

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