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TAKE ACTION: Use Principle 6 graphics to support global equality at the Olympics

The 2014 Winter Games in Sochi are just a few days away, and Principle 6 provides an opportunity to shed light on the oppressive anti-gay laws affecting millions of Russian citizens, visiting fans and athletes.Read More

Russia's 'anti-propaganda' law punishes 9th grader, marks her for life

Russia's anti-propaganda laws have been used against a ninth grade girl who came out as LGBT.

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PHOTOS: GLAAD in action at Creating Change

GLAAD's staff is home from a busy weekend at Creating Change, and we have some photos to share!

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Happy Lunar New Year! Viet Rainbow allowed to march in Tet Parade

On Saturday, February 1, the city of Westminster will hold the annual Tet Parade to celebrate the Lunar New Year, and unlike last year, Viet Rainbow of Orange County (VROC) will be marching.

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IOC reassures freedom to criticize Russia's anti-LGBT laws, at least in media interviews

The Coalition of Russian LGBT organizations received an official response from the International Olympic Committee to their November request for clarification on the impact the ‘propaganda’ law may have on the Winter Games, particularly – on the work of the media and on behavior and statements of the participants.

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Join GLAAD at Creating Change

Starting tomorrow, GLAAD staff will be hopping on a Southwest Airlines flight to Houston to attend Creating Change.

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Calling for couples to say "I do" on Good Morning America

Good Morning America is holding a Valentine's Day 'Epic Wedding Showdown' and is looking for LGBT couples to participate.

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GLAAD's Tiq Milan and Christina Kahrl share best practices for covering transgender stories on CNN's Reliable Sources

Christina Kahrl, a writer for ESPN, and member of GLAAD's board, and Tiq Milan, GLAAD's Senior Media Strategist appeared on CNN's Reliable Sources to discuss reporting on transgender people, particularly in light of Grantland's salacious article, "Dr. V's Magical Putter," which outed Essay Anne Vanderbilt as a transgender woman.

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