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Fox News sort of apologizes, tries to explain 'intersex"

Fox News acknowledged that its jokes about ‘intersex’ were offensive to actual intersex people.

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Chris Cuomo exposes and challenges the misinformation from Bill Donohue

CNN's Chris Cuomo invited Catholic League President Bill Donohue onto his show to actively challenge his extremist statements. The context was discussion of the recently-vetoed Arizona 'license to discriminate" law.

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Politini comes to The Grio

Danielle and Aisha Moodie-Mills are a power couple, getting an even bigger platform on The Griot.

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Amidst bomb threats and government pressure, LGBT Open Games kick off in Russia

The Russian Open Games have finally kicked off with Greg Louganis attending. However, the LGBT-inclusive sports festival has had to weather last-minute venue cancellations, a bomb threat, and threats from anti-LGBT politicians who urged the event to be shut down by the government.

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Judge rules Texas marriage ban unconstitutional, stays decision for appeal

A judge has ruled that Texas ban on marriage equality is unconstitutional. Citing last summer's Windsor Supreme Court ruling, United States District Judge Orlando Garcia of San Antonio said that the marriage ban violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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Open Games in Moscow suddenly find all venues closed to them

Today was meant to be the start of the Russian LGBT Sport Federation's Open Games in Moscow, but just hours before the launch, the event is being met with cancellations from four sporting venues and the Hilton Hotel.

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GUEST POST: Facebook's gender options: An open letter to Fox News

Fox News said of intersex, "Whatever that is." The youth of Inter/Act want them to know exactly what intersex is.

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GLAAD President: Gov. Brewer must veto 1062

GLAAD's President, Sarah Kate Ellis, was on CNN to talk about Arizona's SB1062, which would give license to discriminate and refuse to do business with anyone, particularly LGBT people.Read More
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