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Methodist bishop: 'I call for and commit to cessation of trials' for clergy who support marriage equality

United Methodist Bishop Martin McLee and Rev. Dr. Thomas W. Ogletree announced that the church was dropping the case against Dr. Ogletree for officiating at his son’s wedding. Furthermore, Bishop McLee said in his statement “I call for and commit to cessation of trials.”

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Anti-gay attack on NYC subway platorm

Masterson and his partner Peter Moore were physically attacked on a NYC Subway platform last Sunday morning by a man screaming anti-gay slurs.Read More

Why all LGBT people should care about places like Russia, Uganda, and Gambia

Kevin Jennings, the Executive Director of the Arcus Foundation, has written an op-ed for The Huffington Post, in which he calls the LGBT community in the United States to get more informed and engaged in LGBT issues overseas.

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Virginia unanimously repeals anti-gay ban 11 years after Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional

Both the Virginia House and Senate removed language from state statutes that were targeting LGBT people.

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Report: Russian LGBT advocates detained for protesting Ukraine invasion

Two prominent Moscow LGBT activists have reportedly been detained for protesting the invasion of Ukraine outside the Ministry of Defense in Moscow on March 4.

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Nigeria and Cameroon: Two more countries with anti-LGBT laws

Two stories from separate sources highlighted the persecution that LGBT people face in Nigeria and Cameroon. While Russia and Uganda have captured the majority of media attention, it's worth noting that over 80 countries have anti-LGBT laws on the books.

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Poll: support climbs for marriage equality, adoption and non-discrimination

A new ABC-Washington Post poll has revealed continued increases in support for marriage equality, legal adoption, and protections for LGBT people.

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Calpernia Addams on transgender roles in Hollywood

Out transgender actress, musician and consultant, Calpernia Addams, writes for The Advocate about the state of transgender representation in Hollywood.

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