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International athletes speak about LGBT advocacy through sport at the Gay Games

The Gay Games are kicking off with an estimated 8,000 athletes representing over 50 countries and 48 US states. A number of participants are coming from countries where being LGBT is difficult, if not outright illegal.

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Greg Louganis returns to Gay Games, where he came out in 1994

The Cleveland Foundation, the presenter of the Gay Games in Cleveland and Akron, hosted openly gay Olympic medal winner Greg Louganis, who talked about what coming out has meant for him, as well as his new documentary, Back on Board.

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Follow GLAAD through the excitement of the Gay Games

Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the 9th Gay Games, presented by the Cleveland Foundation, and GLAAD is going help bring the excitement and action to you.

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Tiq Milan talks #FreeMarichuy on MSNBC

GLAAD's Tiq Milan joined Jose Diaz Balart to speake with Ronan Farrow about immigration reform, focusing specifically on Marichuy Leal Gamino, whose sexual assault at an ICE detention facility has demonstrated the widespread abuse faced by undocumented LGBT people.

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First openly gay Eagle Scout turns 18, calls on Boy Scouts president to end anti-gay ban

This week, Pascal Tessier, the first openly gay Eagle Scout, turned 18 years old. Because the ban on gay adults remains in place, that means that he faces expulsion from the Scouts.Read More

Uganda's Constitutional Court strikes down draconian anti-LGBT law

Uganda's Constitutional Court has struck down the infamous anti-LGBT law, once dubbed the "kill the gays" bill for discussion about the death penalty for LGBT people

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Former "ex-gay" activists call for ban on the practice

Nine prominent former "ex-gay" activists, including Yvette Cantu Schneider, have issued a statement denouncing the practice and calling for a ban.

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