RomCom with Trans Lead 'Boy Meets Girl' Raising Funds

Writer-director Eric Schaeffer is probably best known for the 1996 Sarah Jessica Parker romantic comedy If Lucy Fell, but now he's prepping a new film about a young transgender woman and her search for love.  Boy Meets Girl stars Michelle Hendley as a 21-year-old dreaming of a life as a fashion designer in New York, while trying to figure out her feelings for both her straight male best friend and a beautiful young debutante.

Hendley was cast after a nationwide search, and says she identifies with the character as she is transgender herself.  The filmmakers are currently raising funds for the film through Indiegogo (which you can contribute to here), and you can watch Schaeffer and Hendley talk about the film in the pitch video below.



As a Major League Baseball umpire for the past 29 seasons, Dale Scott has worked three World Series, three All-Star Games, two no-hitters and numerous playoff games. He is also the first out active male official in the MLB, NBA, NHL, or NFL, and the first Major League Baseball umpire to publicly say he is gay while active.