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Religion News Summary: TDOR, Uganda, and Eager Rabbis


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GLAAD’s Religion, Faith & Values program works to elevate LGBT-affirming voices of faith in mainstream, regional, and community media. To find out more, visit For additional religion and faith updates, be sure to subscribe via our online registration form. We welcome suggestions at

Last week’s Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) was a huge success, and members of various faith traditions spoke out in support of the transgender community. Keshet had a great list of 10 transgender resources for Jewish communities, Unitarian Universalists hosted memorial vigils, and the United Church of Christ posted information on their denominational website. Barbara Satin shared with GLAAD the importance of meeting the spiritual needs of people on TDOR.

Read about the White House’s observation of TDOR.

Much happened on the international stage this week, as well. Uganda’s parliament is dangerously close to passing the “Kill the Gays” bill. Lawmakers may have dropped the death penalty from the list of appropriate punishments for LGBT people in the anti-gay bill, but lengthy prison sentences can be levied against anyone who isn’t rabidly opposed to LGBT people. A Muslim man is trying to open the first gay mosque in France. In Leeds, a radio station was forced to pay £4000 after airing defamatory comments about the LGBT community during a Ramadan special last August.

Read about the Barnesville, MN teen who was denied confirmation by his Catholic church after posting a picture on Facebook in support of marriage equality.

Four gay men are suing the Jewish so-called “ex-gay” organization JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing). Religious communities are still responding to the votes for marriage equality earlier this month. A Buddhist teacher wrote about the intersection of his faith and marriage equality, Catholics celebrate the 40th anniversary of Dignity in Boston, and rabbis in Maine are eager to perform marriages for lesbian and gay couples. Unrelated, our Director of Religion, Faith, and Values has some really serious feelings about Black Friday.

Read the story of a transgender Presbyterian minister, and his journey toward ordination.




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At the close of the 2014 World Cup, GLAAD was joined by over 25 U.S. and international LGBT and human rights organizations today in a letter to FIFA requesting concrete action to address homophobia in the game and anti-gay chants yelled in the stands.