Religion News Summary Highlights for April 11, 2012

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Last month, Reverend Carolyn Woodall (pictured left) was ordained as a deacon in the Episcopalian Church and now serves as deacon at Jamestown Church in Sacramento, California.  In a video interview this week, she says talks about her transition and how she has been embraced by her faith community.   David Weekley also contributed a video with his thoughts on being transgender and his role in the United Methodist Church to the I AM: Trans People Speak project.  In a recent article, Joy Ladin offers a Jewish perspective on the process of gender transition as well. 

Brad Carmack, a straight Mormon who once campaigned against marriage equality has recently become a supporter of marriage equality; he says his entire church should embrace this position in a recent article:

Mormonism is unequivocally pro-family […]So is same-sex marriage. ... Same-sex couples (and their children) stand to gain from the mutual caretaking, community support, and stabilizing effects of marriage. Risky mixed-orientation marriages (such as a gay man and a straight woman) and lifelong celibacy threaten healthy marriage more than do monogamous same-sex partnerships.

Carmack’s remarks appear right after Brigham Young University held a panel titled “Everything you wanted to know about homosexuality but were afraid to ask” and right before BYU students released an It Gets Better video.

In light of Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan's negative comments directed at the LGBT community, Joseph Amodeo (pictured right) resigned from the Executive Committee of the Junior Board of Catholic Charities. He writes in an open letter:

The comments that His Eminence has made regarding same-sex couples, the LGBT community in general, and his recent in-action in response to the Ali Forney Center's plea for pastoral assistance, has left me with no other choice but to resign.