Purple Your Pet for #SpiritDay!

Hello from GLAAD’s Volunteer Engagement Manager and GLAAD’s Special Assistant to the Volunteer Engagement Manager!

We are writing today to ask you to please PURPLE YOUR PET for Spirit Day, tomorrow! October 20th! If you are like me, you both love your pet AND love to show your support for LGBT issues. What better way to express your support for Spirit Day on October 20th than dressing your sweet pet up in their finest purples?

A few ideas: a flouncy purple dress, a mini purple sports coat, a purple neck or bow tie, purple flowers in their hairs, even rip a swatch from that old purple T-Shirt and they will look so fabulous in a purple kerchief! Dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, reptiles... everyone is invited to show their support, take a stand against bullying, help protect LGBT youth all while looking absolutely adorable in purple!

So please join Danica and countless other LGBT supportive pets and PURPLE YOUR PET tomorrow! And don't forget to submit your photos and videos of your furry family members in their finest purples!



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