Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert, members of the metal rock band Cynic, come out as gay

Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinart of the metal rock band Cynic came out in a piece published in the LA Times yesterday. Cynic was formed in the early 1990s before quietly winding down their time as a group in 1994, they came back together for a reunion show in 2006 and have been touring and recording since, including the release of their newest album Kindly Bent to Free Us. The LA Times reports:

"Though they've been comfortably out for years in their private lives, the two haven't yet spoken about their sexuality in the context of their music. As artists, they've pushed the edges of heavy metal music for most of their lives. Now they're ready to challenge old stereotypes about sexuality in one of music's most aggressively masculine genres.

'Gay people are everywhere, doing every job, playing every kind of music and we always have been,' Reinert said. 'It's taken me years to finally be brave enough to say, 'If you have a problem with that, then throw out our records. That's your problem, not mine.'"

Read the full piece at the LA Times.