Out Soccer player Robbie Rogers launches Beyond "It"

Robbie Rogers, the openly gay midfielder for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team launched Beyond 'It', an anti-discrimination campaign whose sole purpose is create fundraising platforms inspired by their human-centered philosophy and mission to fund initiatives that move the world beyond "it". The 'it' being labels and stereotypes that limit people's value and worth. Beyond 'It' hopes to stand behind forward thinking initiatives that will take a stand advocate against all forms of human discrimination. The organizations first big public push will be the widespread distribution of a magnetic green bar designed to be worn on a shirt that Rogers hopes athletes will wear at the Sochi Olympics as an act of protest against Russia's anti-LGBT laws.

GLAAD along with other LGBT sports and youth organizations, Athlete Ally, You Can Play, and GLSEN have partnered with Beyond It to spread the word and move beyond discrimination. Lance Bass, former member of N'Sync and Jason Collins, the openly gay former basketball played have signed on as ambassadors of the organization.

Rogers made headlines at the beginning of this year after coming out publicly as gay saying, "I didn't want to be one of those people who are always unhappy and don't try to change anything." He is the first openly gay man to compete in a professional American team sport. He was also featured in Out magazines Out 100 list.

To see how you get involved go to beyondit.com and make a statement. 


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