NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to attend inclusive 'St. Pat's for All' parade

This Sunday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will attend the 15th annual St. Pat's For All Parade, an LGBT-inclusive event that stands in opposition to the City's largest St. Patrick's Day Parade, which does not allow LGBT groups to participate.

The Parade will feature lawyer and founder of HIV Law Project Terry M. McGovern and New York State Senator Thomas Duane as Grand Marshals. Duane is the first openly gay and first HIV+ member of the senate. Irish LGBT advocate Rory O'Neill and his drag queen persona, Panti Bliss, will be featured at St. Pat's For All Parade, as well.

This year, Mayor de Blasio, who has participated in the Parade for years, will be joined by congress members and various city officials, including Scott M Stringer, Corey Johnston, and many more.

De Blasio has previously stated that he will not attend the March 17 parade, which bars LGBT groups from participating. Boston's Mayor Martin Walsh has made a similar decision regarding Beantown's parade.

"A theme of St. Pat’s For All is ‘Cherishing all the children of the nation equally,’ which is taken from the Irish Proclamation of 1916.  We are thrilled to have many youth groups and school bands from the local community including Shannon Gaels Gaelic Sports and Music groups and the Swim Strong Foundation," said Kathleen Walsh D'Arcy, who is co-chairing the event.

D'Arcy's fellow co-chair Brendan Fay, added, "Hospitality is at the heart of St Pat's For All. We extend the warm hand of welcome to the diverse immigrant and LGBT communities of New York. The Irish story brings us together. Reflecting the best of the New York spirit and of modern Ireland we’re delighted that groups excluded from parades in Boston and Staten Island are making their way to Sunnyside."

At 1PM on March 2, St. Pat's For All will begin at 47 St & Skillman Ave in Queens, New York.

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