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New Season of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys Starts November 18


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A new season of the GLAAD Media Award nominated reality series Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys returns to the Sundance Channel on November 18, and we've got an early look at the cast and trailer.  Check out the Nashville-based friendships the show's second season will focus on.


Kristin and Peter met on a dating site while the previously married father of three was still in the closet, but have since become best friends.  While her husband is deployed in Afghanistan, Kristin has been helping Peter take care of the kids, and Peter is simultaneously just starting to date men.


Shane and Sherrie bonded years ago over their shared love of song writing, which they've both had some success with, having each written for some of the biggest names in country music.  Now they're both about to launch solo projects, but Shane's religious beliefs might end up causing some tension between the two.


Tenisha and Jared look to be the respective youngsters of the cast.  The author and former Mormon Farm Boy say their friendship seems to attract as much attention for its being between a black woman and a white man as it does for being between a straight woman and a gay man.


Brent and Olivia are best friends in life and in business as they end up working on a number of projects together through Brent's events and public relations company.  Brent is also recently out of an abusive relationship, and Olivia worries that he's dealing with his residual pain through some unhealthy ways.


The reality of domestic abuse in same-sex relationships is a topic that's recently gotten some increased media attention, making Brent's storyline a particularly well-timed one.  This season, Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys will also touch on issues of substance abuse, parenting, and religious beliefs, making it one of the only reality shows to ever address these topics as they relate to the gay community.  Be sure to check it out on the Sundance Channel November 18 and watch the below trailer to see what else is in store:

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