New Campaign Promotes Fairness for All NC Families

All loving and committed couples should be allowed to take care of and provide for the people they love. This is the premise behind a new campaign to elevate the voices of North Carolinians and directly challenge the proposed constitutional amendment to only recognize the relationships of married individuals.

The Vote Against Project, brainchild of Raleigh-based photographer Curtis Brown, began after anti-gay legislators in North Carolina introduced a measure that would prohibit North Carolina from ever passing legislation to grant marriage equality or allow civil unions, bar the state from instituting domestic partnerships and strip the domestic partner insurance benefits currently offered to employees by a number of local governments, including Chapel Hill, Durham, Greensboro, and Mecklenburg and Orange Counties.

The campaign, which is structured similarly to the NOH8 campaign, features individuals posing in shirts that read “Vote Against,” and is intended to provide North Carolinians with “a creative outlet for sharing their opposition to the amendment.” GLAAD applauds the efforts of The Vote Against Project for its work to elevate and promote LGB- inclusive and supportive images and encourages all North Carolinians to participate to stand up for equality.  Click here to see when The Vote Against Project will be in your neck of the woods.