Nat Geo asks #AreYouTougher as messages of equality scare them from #ToughScout hashtag

National Geographic Channel has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America to produce a show called "Are You Tougher Than A Boy Scout," despite the BSA's policy that bans gay scouts and leaders. GLAAD joined gay Eagle Scout Will Oliver in urging National Geographic to run a disclaimer saying the company does not agree with the BSA's discriminatory policy. Representatives from National Geographic failed to denounce the policy after meeting with GLAAD and Will on Monday, following the delivery of over 120,000 petition signatures.

While the show premiered Monday night, LGBT advocates and allies managed to take over the #ToughScout hash tag, which the National Geographic Channel was using to promote the show. GLAAD and other advocates were so successful with the social media campaign, that the National Geographic Channel encouraged users to start using #AreYouTougher instead, despite promoting #ToughScout on promotional materials found at (click above to see a screenshot of the site).We wonder what hash tag they'll come up for next week. Check some tweets: