Minnesota House of Representatives to vote on Marriage Equality Today

The Minnesota House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on marriage equality later today. House Speaker Paul Thissen has said that he believes that the 73-member Democratic majority has the votes they need to pass the bill. As of yet, no GOP house member has publicly said they would vote yes. If the house passes the bill, the senate could vote as early as Saturday, where leaders are confident it will pass. Governor Mark Dayton, who has vowed to sign the bill if it gets to him, said Wednesday that he advised both the House of Representatives and Senate to read John F. Kennedy's Profiles in Courage to figure out how to vote on this bill.

If it passes, Minnesota will be the twelfth state to pass marriage equality and will come just on the heels of Delaware, which passed their version of this bill earlier this week. In Minnesota, the bill would come into effect on August 1st.

You can watch a live stream of the proceedings here.

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