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GaymerCon Announces Massive Kickstarter Success and Support from Xbox Live

August 31, 2012
Following the launch of their Kickstarter campaign earlier this month, GaymerCon announced that they have has raised over $75,000 for the first-ever gaming and tech convention focusing on “LGBT Geek Culture."Read More

August 25, 2012

Utah NBC Affiliate's Decision to Ban 'The New Normal' is Anti-Gay and Outdated

An NBC affiliate station based out of Salt Lake City, Utah has said it will not run the upcoming sitcom The New Normal because of its content. The New Normal follows a gay couple’s attempts to start a family with the help of a surrogate.Read More

August 17, 2012

LGBT Academy of Recording Arts Announces 8th Annual OUTMusic Awards

Each year at the OUTMusic Awards, the LGBT Academy of Recording Arts (LARA) recognizes some of the LGBT artists who have made significant contributions to the music industry.

Read More

August 15, 2012

Drop Dead Diva Creators Speak Out Against FDA Ban on Donations by Gay and Bisexual Men

This Sunday, Lifetime’s legal comedy series Drop Dead Diva will once again use its platform to target an injustice faced by the LGBT community; this time the FDA’s 2005 ban on donations by gay men. Read More

August 15, 2012

Avengers Director Joss Whedon Guest-Stars in Season Premiere of Husbands; GLAAD Interviews Creators Brad Bell and Jane Espenson

Creators Jane Espenson and Brad Bell tell GLAAD what fans can expect in the bigger, bolder second season of the hit web-comedy series, and what famous faces viewers can expect to see dropping in.Read More

August 2, 2012

LGBT Gamer Convention Launches Facebook Kickoff Event Tonight

GaymerCon is looking to become the first even convention dedicated to LGBT “geek culture,” and is launching its kickoff event and fundraising campaign tonight on Facebook. At 6pm PST, Gaymercon will host a virtual social world meet up through the Shaker app.Read More

August 1, 2012

Writer Gore Vidal Passes Away at 86

Iconic novelist and playwright Gore Vidal passed away in Hollywood yesterday, leaving behind a legacy of both incisive writing and cultural scrutiny. Vidal was often seen as ahead of his time, writing about gay characters when the topic was still considered taboo.Read More

July 31, 2012

Appearance by Matrix Co-Director Lana Wachowski Gets Fans Buzzing

In a new video promoting their highly-anticipated film adaptation of the novel Cloud Atlas, Lana Wachowski made one of her first public appearances since transitioning.Read More
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