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Marcel Neergaard: Wearing purple can save lives


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Marcel Neergaard is one of the 2013 Spirit Day Ambassadors. This year, he overcame bullying in a powerful way, getting the educational lobbying organization StudentsFirst to stand with LGBT students. He was named "Foot Soldier of the Week" by Melissa Harris Perry. In addition to the video he created, Marcel also wrote about Spirit Day for the Huffington Post.

I've got spirit, yes I do. I've got spirit, how 'bout you!? Did you know showing your spirit could save lives? By wearing purple on October 17, you are standing with millions of people against bullying and supporting LGBT youth for Spirit Day. For kids like me it's more than purple shirts -- it's not feeling alone.


One of the benefits of all that purple is students become informed about discrimination. Students who understand the struggles, defend their classmates and don't participate in bullying. I found each time I explained why I was wearing purple, I was creating more allies. If that happens everywhere, school environments will improve especially for LGBT youth. This accepting environment helps tormented youth step away from the cliff of suicide. To put it succinctly, wear purple, show you're an ally and save lives.

Read the whole essay at the Huffington Post

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