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Maine Marriage Licenses Available For All Couples On Saturday


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On Saturday, same-sex couples in Maine will be able to apply for marriage licenses following the passage of the state's new marriage equality law. In November, residents in Maine joined those in Maryland and Washington state to become the first states where marriage equality was enacted through a ballot vote. Advocates in Maine were particularly pleased with the November victory following the failure of a similar referendum measure for marraige equality in 2009.

Across the state, government officials are preparing for an expected rush as same-sex couples begin applying for marriage licenes. Couples in Maine can be married as soon as their marriage license is issued. The Portland Press Herald reports that some city offices, such as Portland City Hall, will hold special hours to acommodate the number of couples expected. Portland City Hall will open its doors on Friday evening at 10:00pm, and begin serving couples at 12:01am on Saturday. Other cities in Maine will open their offices at 9am or later on December 29.

You can find out more about various city office schedules for Saturday, December 29, in local newspapers such as the Portland Press Herald and the Morning Sentinel. Earlier in December, The Portland Press Herald created a useful Q&A on marriage equality in Maine. Advocacy groups such as Equality Maine and GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders) are also working to provide information to same-sex couples. If you are planning to get married when marriage equality begins in Maine, share your plans with GLAAD!

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