A look at safer sex and healthy living for bi men and women

It's Bisexual Health Awareness Month, brought to you by the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC). This year's theme, "Bi the Way, Our Health Matters Too!", addresses disparities in physical and mental health facing the bisexual community. Created by the US' oldest nationally-focused bi organization, Bisexual Health Awareness Month is the first social media campaign to address this topic.

The month kicked off with a look at "Mental Health & Biphobia," including the top 10 health concerns for people who are bi. Now, BRC is bringing "Sexual Health" and "Nutrition & Movement" to the forefront.

For Sexual Health Week, BRC shared info on

The group also created these handy infographics:


This week's "Nutrition & Movement" focus includes disproportional levels of food insecurity in the LGBT community, an article on gay and bi men's struggles with body image, efforts to strengthen food security around the world, and many more.

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