LGBT youth support group founder NOT GUILTY under Russia's anti-propaganda law

After the creation of a Russian based LGBT teen support group “Children 404″, charges were brought up against the founder, Lena Klimova for promoting gay propaganda . Today the Dzerzhinsky district court of Nizhny Tagil passed a judgment to dismiss the case. When the charges were first brought up, Lena responded:

“Considering general trends, I’m not surprised. But it is very unfortunate to recognize that letters of gay teens are considered as propaganda of homosexuality among teens themselves. This is absurd! Milonov, author of the request, had two requirements: to fine me and to close the group. If it is closed, LGBT teens lose the only place where they can talk openly about themselves and get advice to help them live. It would be a disaster, “- says Lena Klimova.

After the case was dismissed, Lena's lawyer, Maria Kozlovskaya spoke up about the case:

“We looked for such decision and believe that it proves the incapacity and groundlessness of the so-called law about “propaganda of homosexuality”. This law contradicts to some Russia’s international obligations and, as it was proved by the decision of the UN Human Rights Committee, consolidates discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and violates the freedom of speech”, LGTB Network reports.

The site published over a thousand of letters from teenagers who shared their stories. In the letters many discuss discrimination and other issues they face. The site served as a great way for LGBT youth to hear the stories of peers who also face challenges. Read the full story at Queer Russia