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LGBT Religion News Updates for November 9, 2011


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Michigan Senator Gretchen Whitmer delivered an emotional speech, saying her colleagues passed legislation that would allow for religion to be used as an excuse for consequence-free bullying. Whitmer said the legislation "explicitly outlines how to get away with bullying" if a student, parent, teacher or school employee can come up with a religious or moral reason for bullying.

Earlier this week, the oldest Roman Catholic newspaper in the country, the Boston Pilot, apologized and retracted an opinion column that suggested that the devil may be responsible for gay and lesbian people. Meanwhile, Episcopalians in Minnesota voted to formally oppose a proposed anti-marriage equality amendment to the state constitution.

Filmmaker Stephen Cone spoke to the Windy City Times about his film ‘The Wise Kids.’ The film centers on three high school seniors who wrestle with issues of faith and sexual orientation in their conservative town.

Mormon Bishop Kevin Kloosterman spoke at the final event of a weekend-long seminar dedicated to exploring issues pertinent to gay Mormons. The conference, which drew about 300 people from across the country, addressed many issues, including the pursuit of trying to reconcile sexual orientation and gender identity and expression with Mormon religious values.


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