LGBT Religion News Summary for March 1, 2012

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Faith leaders from Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish faith traditions weigh in on LGBT equality in Minnesota, where an amendment banning marriage equality has been proposed.  Members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) showed their support for LGBT equality in an overwhelming vote to oppose the amendment.  Reverend Dr. Janet Edwards reminds readers that gay and straight are not the only sexual orientations in communities of faith as she answers the questions she receives as bisexual Presbyterian minister.

While many media outlets are currently framing African-American churches as anti-LGBT equality, Union United Methodist Church (UUMC), a predominately African American congregation in Boston demonstrates otherwise.  Rev. Irene Monroe writes, “there is a growing number of Black LGBT-affirming pastors who continue to uphold the message of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's social gospel of the 1960's Civil Rights movement by working toward equality for LGBT people.”

The popular show Glee recently aired a Valentine’s episode in which a character supported LGBT-equality because of his Christianity.  David M. Hall writes, “The storyline on ‘Glee’ captures something larger that we are seeing with a new generation of allies […] Today, we are encountering a different type of ally: one who supports LGBT people because they believe it’s the Christian thing to do.”