LGBT Religion News Summary: Black LGBT Christian campaign, Spirit Day, and Methodist marriage equality in Alabama

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Watch this video campaign featuring Black LGBT Christians.

Conflicting message are abound in the Anglican Communion with the Church of Ireland not inviting openly LGBT individuals to the conference of its LGBT rights organization. This is contrasted with a statement from the Lord Williams of Oystermouth, former Archbishop of Canterbury, who said that the Church of England was “appallingly violent” towards LGBT individuals.

See what faith groups went purple for Spirit Day

In Detroit, a prominent female leader in the Baptist church, resigned after marrying her partner and a Southern Baptist Legislator from Florida claimed that LGBT families are just as dysfunctional as families with drug addicts and alcoholics.

United Methodist bishop to perform marriage of LGBT couple in Alabama

In Norway, the majority of bishops in the state Lutheran church say they support marriage equality. In the United Kingdom, a prominent Muslim leader said that ideally LGBT individuals would be executed.


Church of Ireland accused of excluding LGBT members from LGBT event
Pink News, 10/18/13
Ugandan bishop excommunicated for supporting LGBT rights
Towleroad, 10/17/13
Lord Williams says Church of England was “appallingly violent” towards gays
Pink News, 10/15/13
Anglican Archbishop of Sydney calls marriage equality “unholy matrimony”
Gay Star News, 10/15/13
Perth Anglicans vote to recognize marriage equality
7 News, 10/9/13

Atheist group demands apology from Oprah
CNN, 10/20/13

Detroit Baptist leader resigns after marrying another woman
Detroit Free Press, 10/18/13
Florida Baptist representative compares LGBT parents to alcoholics and drug abusers
On Top Magazine, 10/12/13

Roman Catholic
Retired Roman Catholic Priest Weds Gay N.J. Couples; He'll Marry Partner Too
Advocate, 10/21/13
Arkansas teacher at Catholic school loses job after marrying partner

Opposing Views, 10/18/13
Conservative Catholics question Pope’s liberal approach
The Washington Post, 10/14/13
LGBT Catholics worship with dignity in San Antonio
My San Antonio, 10/11/13
Pope Francis sends benedictory greeting to LGBT Catholics
Towleroad, 10/11/13
Catholic college adds LGBT non-discrimination clause
Campus Reform, 10/9/13
Majority of Catholics back marriage equality
Joe. My. God., 10/9/13

Christian / Non-Denominational
Vanderbilt Divinity appoints lesbian dean
South Florida Gay News, 10/21/13
Conference to focus on welcoming LGBT people in churches
Bangor Daily News, 10/17/13
Interview with H. Adam Ackley
The Huffington Post, 10/16/13
Public funding goes to homophobic Christian schools
Slate, 10/15/13
Young poet asserts “God is gay”
The Advocate, 10/11/13
Private Christian schools wage war against LGBT teens
Rolling Stone, 10/10/13
Abuse in the name of Christianity
The Advocate, 10/10/13
Church forum to look at transgender concerns
Sun Gazette, 10/10/13
Homophobia and Africa’s Christian revival
Salon, 10/9/13
Former gay porn star finds Jesus after hospitalization
The Christian Post, 10/9/13
Gay (and Christian) on Campus?
The Backlot, 10/9/13
Christian Campuses on frontlines of LGBT debates
The Huffington Post, 10/8/13
Taiwanese TV host calls on fellow Christians to oppose marriage equality
On Top Magazine, 10/7/13
Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon says marriage equality endangers everything else in the Bible
On Top Magazine, 10/7/13

NJ’s largest synagogue on marriage
Box Turtle Bulletin, 10/21/13

Boy Scouts To Lutheran Church: You Can Kick Out Gay Scouts If They Talk About It
Joe. My. God, 10/21/13
Most Church of Norway bishops support marriage equality

Global Post, 10/17/13
Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod honors BSA’s policy on gays
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/8/13

31 Pennsylvania Pastors To Officiate Wedding Of Gay Couple
On Top Magazine, 10/20/13
Retired Methodist bishop solemnizes marriage of LGBT couple in Alabama

Daily Journal, 10/14/13

Metropolitan Community Church
Nigerian LGBT activist flees to New York after being outed in Washington Post article
Towleroad, 10/19/13

Lifelong anti-LGBT Mormon activist learns to accept her son
Queerty, 10/18/13
LDS Apostle encourages unhappiness for LGBT people
The Salt Lake Tribune, 10/11/13
Mormons push church to change policy on LGBT people
The Daily Mail, 10/8/13

UK Muslim leader says LGBT people would be executed in an ideal society
Jihad Watch, 10/15/13