The LGBT-inclusive video game 'Gone Home' is coming to Nintendo's Wii U

It was announced today that the video game Gone Home will soon be released for the Nintendo Wii U console. The LGBT-inclusive game has already garnered numerous accolades and awards, with critics citing its engrossing and realistic story.

The game is a first-person interactive mystery where the player takes the role of Kaitlin, who returns home from abroad to find her entire family gone. She attempts to solve the mystery of their whereabouts by interacting with clues and mementos left behind in the home, and gradually pieces together what happened. Without giving too much away, the story involves a teenager coming out to their parents, and what transpires afterward.

In March, the game's developers previously announced that the previously PC-only game would be coming to consoles this year, but no specifics were given at the time.  The fact that Nintendo has now announced the game will be coming to the Wii U console at some point soon is of particular note, given their recent exclusion of same-sex relationships in the game Tomodachi Life.   Following outcry from fans, Nintendo promised to be inclusive of same-sex relationships in any future games in that series.  Bringing Gone Home to Nintendo's latest console is also step in the right direction.