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LGBT advocates seek funds to flee Uganda


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Due to the increasingly difficult living conditions for LGBT Ugandans, many activists now seek a way out of the country. Since the passing of the anti-LGBT laws in Uganda, local activists are exposed to violence and imprisonment. In order to provide assistance to such individuals a women's rights organization launched a campaign granting financial aid to help those in need. The Urgent Action Fund created the The Safe Passage Fund to directly assist those who are at risk of at-risk of violence, life-imprisonment or even death.

As the Advocate reports, one of the individuals to seek help from the Urgent Action Fund is Dorcas Awena, a 26-year-old activist and volunteer for the AIDS program of Gender-Equality and Health Organization Uganda. She has been targeted by the police for violating the anti-LGBT laws. As Joe Jervis reports, Awena had already avoided three arrests by the police. The organization still needed an estimated $300 for her plane ticket to Canada. As the LGBT community becomes more and more stigmatized, additional funds will be needed to ensure that all individuals requiring financial assistance receive it. By donating money here, you can help someone live in a safer environment without the fear of violence.


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