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Landmark Philly LGBT bookstore ends 38 year history


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For 38 years, Giovanni’s Room Bookstore has been a fixture in Philadelphia’s “Gayborhood”. The LGBT bookstore is now closing, ending it’s 38 year history. Ed Hermance, who owns Giovanni’s Room, tried to sell the store along with the building and had a potential buyer, but the deal fell through when they were unable to meet the financial obligation required for the sale.

Hermance said there is a possibility that Giovanni’s Room could be resurrected in some form, but said ideas would have to change in order for it to be successful. “Whatever it is that they do, it will have to be something different than what we are doing now. If won’t survive if it isn’t different,” he said. Hermance said the loss of the iconic store will be hard for him, as well as the community.

“It has been a wonderful life for me and it combines my best skills with my deepest interests, so it certainly is going to be a lifetime’s work. I know that thousands of people have used and cared about this store. It is very emotional for me.”

Giovanni's Room was a place where you can spend hours browsing through the thousands of books that are LGBT related. You could sit on a comfy couch or chair on the second floor and flip through the pages of an Oscar Wilde novel or the plethera of books about everything from LGBT history to current events.

Giovanni's Room will be missed.

Philadelphia Gay News has the full story.



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